Toll House Cookie Recipe- Settle For The Best

toll house cookie recipe

Most Americans cannot do without chocolate chip cookies as a dessert. You cannot forget the classic taste of chocolate chip cookies and the aroma. You would want to have the waft of scent, and if you are too specific, you would want to try out the toll house cookie recipe. This cookie gets its name from the valid classic Nestle Toll House Original Chocolate Chip Cookie, and you will be able to make it for all occasions. 

Ingredients That You Will Need

Cookie Recipe

First, you have to get hold of 2 cups of all-purpose flour and one teaspoon of baking soda. Then you will need two sticks of butter, three fourth cups of granulated sugar, three fourth cups of packed brown sugar, as well as one teaspoon of vanilla extract. In addition to that, there will be a requirement of two large eggs with two cups of chocolate morsels. If you want, you can also add two tablespoons of all-purpose flour and one cup of chopped nuts. 

Directions To Follow

Cookie Recipe

First, you have to take a  container, and then you can start combining the ingredients like flour, baking soda, and salt. Then you have to put in the butter, and granulated sugar and brown sugar, and Vanilla extract in another mixer bowl. Blend it in until and unless you get a creamy consistency. Now you have to add the eggs and make sure that you do it one at a time. You should be able to beat it well and mix the flour. Finally, add the chocolate morsels and nuts. It will add to the flavor, and the garnishing will be perfect. 


First, you have to take a baking sheet and use butter to grease it well. You should be able to bake it for only 9 to 11 minutes and wait until it turns golden brown. Let them cool for about 2 minutes, and then only you will have to remove the wire rack. 

Experimental Approach

What we have just talked about is the classic recipe of chocolate chip cookies. But it will never hurt you to experiment a little bit, and you can add some other essence as well. There are a lot of other people who want to have blueberry cookies instead of chocolate chip cookies. Instead of putting chocolate chips, you can try to put blueberry candies. List of the things that can remain iconic, and you will be able to meet the changing demands. 

A Dream Come True

With the introduction of this recipe, it will become a dream fulfillment to make them at home. It is pretty safe to eat, and you can even make it for your kids. Did you know that the actual cookies are made out of 100% organic eggs, and all the ingredients are without any artificial addition as well? 


You know about the beautiful chocolate chip cookies that you can make at home and the perfect recipe; you do not have to look back. Also, if you make it to a party, you will be able to get a lot of appreciation from your guests. 

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