Bread Recipe: Summery Evening

A Tangy Twist To A Summery Evening with Chipotle Bacon Bread Recipe

How does a regular summery evening look like? Isn’t it a bit bland without some spicy zest? Or, something that just spices up your average summer evenings almost instantly? What about super easy and delicious bread recipes? Sounds great? Well, let’s have some flavorful discussion on Chipotle Bacon Avocado Sandwich. I’m sure, by the time we reach at the end of this delicious recipe you’ll be already salivating.

A simple homemade bread recipe, this wonderful delish packs in loads of flavor with a lot less effort. A super soft, smoky wonder, a chipotle sandwich is spicy stuff where mayonnaise adds that extra zing. The chicken inside the buns is crispy. Alongside, you can treat your taste buds with crispy bacon pieces, avocado and of course chipotle sauce (which you can prepare at home and store for some time).

No wonder, this spicy piece of wonder can make an awesome treat to appease your crunchy appetite. You can also make a great lunch with it. It feels that you’re having your food in some fancy restaurant.

So, what keeps you waiting? The recipe of course! And, here we go. The best part is, most of the ingredients of this awesome food can be sourced from your kitchen and if you do not have anything right then, you can easily fetch it from the nearby market.

The Bread: Delicious Chipotle Bacon Sandwich

A Tangy Twist To A Summery Evening With Chipotle Bacon Bread Recipe
A Tangy Twist To A Summery Evening With Chipotle Bacon Bread Recipe


  • Shredded chicken, ideally two cups. You can even use the leftover roasted chicken for the preparation
  • A packet of organic mayonnaise. For toasting the buns as well, you’ll need mayonnaise.
  • Spicy Chipotle mayonnaise
  • ½ tsp of kosher salt
  • Potato rolls four in number
  • A ripe Avocado, finely peeled and sliced
  • Finely sliced sweet onion ( as required)
  • Sweet pickled peppers about ½ cup
  • Crispy bacon sliced in six fine pieces
  • Lightly packed spring greens, about two cup

Method Of Preparation

1. Fetch a medium bowl to mix up ingredients like shredded chicken, organic Mayonnaise, spicy chipotle mayonnaise, and kosher salt. Make sure that the chicken shreds are covered with mayonnaise properly. Keep it aside after being mixed.

2. Preheat a skillet over high heat. By the time, brush some organic mayonnaise on the potato slices on each side. Place them on the skillet and griddle till they turn golden brown. Once done, the potato slices should appear toasted on both sides.

3. Once done, now place the mixture on shredded chicken with mixed bacon and toasted potato on the bun. For a spicy zest, spread onion, peppers, spring greens and onion in adequate quantity. Now place the top bun on it. If you want, you can grill the entire sandwich for an extra dose of smoky flavor.

And that’s it! Your flavorful Chipotle bacon avocado sandwich is ready to get served. So, you probably have already understood that this wonderful bread recipe is not like a regular sandwich that is pretty common in the households. Yet you can get this baked right at your home, without cutting down your quality family time.

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