Successful Bake: Anna Olson’s Recipes

Successful Bake Sale: Anna Olson’s Best Recipes

If you are looking for the best recipes that you can prepare for a successful bake sale, here you go. Here are the finest dessert recipes from the kitchen of Anna Olson. As we all know, she is famous for desserts and especially cupcakes. The recipes shared here can be easily prepared at home using simple ingredients. Your bake sale is going to be the most interesting when you try these easy and quick recipes. Now, let us know about the recipes for the successful bake sale.

Successful Bake Sale: Anna Olson’s Best Recipes
Successful Bake Sale: Anna Olson’s Best Recipes

Successful Bake: Apple Tart

This one is a traditional treat for all as it reminds everyone of their childhood days. The apple tart is perfect for all seasons and moods. This recipe by Anna Olson makes the process more easy and yet successful. Here are the ingredients that you need for this preparation.

Frozen prepared puff pastry: 200 g (thawed in the fridge)

Packed light brown sugar: ⅓ cup

Tart apples: 2

Cream: 2 tbsp

You need an oven to prepare this dish, and it requires to be preheated at 400 degrees F. Now, prepare the baking tray by spreading parchment paper on it. Arrange a flat surface and sprinkle some flour on it. Take the puff pastry and roll it out evenly. The dimension needs to be 9*9 inches and the thickness ¼-inch. Place it on the baking tray and keep refrigerated when the other preparation goes on. You need to peel, core and thinly slice the apples after this step. Place the apple slices over the pastry, sprinkle some brown sugar and add the cream. Bake the tart for at least 35-40 minutes or until you see the color of apple turning brown. Your customers are sure to come back again to your stall as they taste this apple tart.

Successful Bake Sale: Anna Olson’s Best Recipes
Successful Bake Sale: Anna Olson’s Best Recipes

Quick Toffee Sauce

This one is a lip-smacking dessert sauce that you can pour over the toffee puddings and other desserts. This one is easier than the caramel sauce, and therefore, you can prepare it within a few minutes. Now, let us check out the ingredients you need to prepare this dessert sauce.

Unsalted butter: ¼ cup

Packed dark brown sugar: ½ cup

Whipping cream: ¼ cup


Walnut pieces (lightly toasted)

Brandy: 2 tbsp

To start with this recipe, you need to melt the brown sugar and butter in a saucepan over medium heat. When it starts to bubble, you need to switch off the flame. Add the whipping cream to it and switch the flame on to keep a low heat. Now, add the raisins and walnut pieces. Add the brandy to this mixture and keep stirring for 2-3 minutes or until you see a syrup texture. The texture of this sauce cannot be too thick or too slippery. It needs to be in midway between these two extremes. You can choose to serve it warm by spooning this sauce over the steamed puddings. Or you can let it cool and spread it on top of some toffee flavored ice cream. Either way, you are going to get compliments from the customers and guests.

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