Quick Desserts with Cream Cheese

quick desserts with cream cheese

Quick desserts with cream cheese are easy to make and are perfect for just about any occasion. The hardest part of the dessert is deciding what to put in it. You could go as straightforward or as decadent as you want. The choices are endless. Irrespective of any function, the meal is never completed without the dessert. Making the dessert is not at all difficult if you are having the perfect recipe and the proper ingredients. The different methods of making the dessert will help you to have the perfect meal with your friends and family members.

Here Are Some of the Quick Recipes


You can get creamed or strained cream cheese. Some people like to have cream cheese frosting on their desserts, and others want to put it actually on top instead of adding it to the batter. Cream cheese frosting is usually made with cream cheese, eggs, and sugar. You will just spread it on top of your cake and bake it. Some cakes don’t work with cream cheese frosting, so look for recipes for chocolate or baked meringue cheesecakes that won’t work with cream cheese frosting. The taste may be different, but the consistency will be the same, and it will still taste great!

Making Chocolate Dessert has Different Recipe


If you are making a chocolate or vanilla flavored cake, you will make sure you use unsweetened cream cheese. The unsweetened kind contains more calories but also tastes better. Another ingredient you may come across is whey powder. It is protein powder and can also be used in a variety of desserts.

Goat Cheese Recipes

You can actually add cream cheese to just about any kind of dessert and mix it up. You don’t actually even have to use both the cream cheese and the eggs. A quick dessert with cream cheese and blueberries is delicious. You can make a blueberry crumble cake by mixing blueberries and yogurt. Use a graham cracker crust for a nice change of pace and serve it with a small bowl of low-calorie whipped cream and fresh fruit.

Another easy dessert is made by melting some goat cheese and adding the rest of the ingredients. You can basically bake it or put it in a blender and let it come to a smooth puree. You can also make a yogurt cheesecake with a cream cheese frosting. Add a lemon wedge and top with additional cream cheese and blueberries and serve with a cherry on top.


In addition to using cheeses in your quick dessert recipes, you can use other fruits and nuts in your recipes as well. You can easily use apple, orange, and even chocolate in various dessert recipes that you make with fruits and nuts. Nuts are loaded with calories but taste so good. When paired with other kinds of cheeses, they enhance the flavor.

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