Places For Dessert Near Me In Los Angeles

dessert near me

Desserts are food for the soul and these make the heart happy. You will love the amazing desserts that you can try at various outlets in the US. If you are in LA and you want some amazing desserts then you are not in for any disappointment. LA has some of the best places for dessert that will make you very happy. These places serve epic desserts that you will not find elsewhere. 

You will love these sweet delicacies and you are sure to come back for more. There are many places where you will find amazing sweets that will leave you wanting more. If you are looking for places for dessert near me then you are lucky that I have quite a few that you will love. These places for dessert near me serve awesome sweet delicacies that will leave you wanting more and more. 

California Donuts


If donuts make you happy then this is the place that you must try. You will love the cute donuts that you can buy from here. There are several types of donuts that you can get including some oreo donuts and other distinct flavors that will make you fall in love with donuts. You can check out the address of the outlet online and then you can go there and make the most of these amazing donuts. After you see the donuts, their cuteness might make you second guess and you might not want to eat them. But after you see how they look and about the taste, you will feel that when you put a bite in your mouth. The whole donut will melt in your mouth and you will want to continue eating them for a long time. 

Diddy Riese


If you are here around UCLA, then you must try the ice cream sandwich from Diddy Riese. The sandwich is not very expensive and you will love the taste of this one. It is one of the best things that you can enjoy when you are in LA. It is super unique and the taste is sweet and refreshing. There are many types of sandwiches available so you can choose according to your own preferences. Well, all of them are equally awesome so you will have a hard time making a choice.

Proof Bakery

If you are a fan of cookies, then you must visit the bakery so that you can get your hands on amazing cookies available there. The choco chip cookies are bomb and you will love the way they taste. With a glass of milk, these cookies will feel like heaven in your mouth and you must try them once. 


These are some of the best places for dessert near me and they will make you feel awesome. If you are visiting LA then these are the places that you must go to if you love eating sweet delicacies. These places have amazing ambiance and you must visit once if you are in the vicinity.

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