Foolproof French Macaron Made Easy


Make Foolproof French Macaron With These Essentials

Making French macaron may be quite a task, but not when you have these essential tools and ingredients in your kitchen. French macaron has always been everyone’s favorite and what can be better than baking it all by yourself. Every macaron lover will relate to this, and all of us want to bake a foolproof French macaron. Baking a perfect macaron not just involves a perfect recipe but also the perfect tools. So here we go with the compulsory products needed for you to make that difficult French macaron easily.

Foolproof French Macaron Made Easy
Foolproof French Macaron Made Easy

The Best Tools For Macaron

  • Sheet Pans: First, you need to be ready with good sheet pans because despite making all the efforts, if the heat conduction fails, your recipe will serve no purpose. So be ready with good quality sheet pans.
  • Silpat Macaron Mat: These are generally used in place of parchment paper. Using this mat, you get perfectly round macarons.
  • Parchment Paper: Parchment paper is needed to keep your macarons non-sticky. Wax papers don’t solve this purpose as many of them melt in the oven and can ruin your recipe. So a good quality parchment paper is necessary to get the foolproof French macaron.
  • Electric Mixer: Whipping the egg whites is not enough when you wish to make the perfect French macarons. That’s where the electric mixer comes into the picture, and it helps you blend your batter to the right consistency.
  • Almond Flour: Traditional macarons are made from almond flour. Never make a mistake of replacing it with refined-flour or any other flour. Almonds are the key ingredient of macarons. The almond flour that you use should be of the best quality and finely ground.
  • Cream Of Tartar: This is used to prevent the egg whites from going runny from the batter, and it maintains the consistency of the batter. This is the key to get perfect macarons. You have to add ½ tsp of cream of tartar to your batter and see the magic.

The Task Is Done

These are the quintessential things you need while baking a French macaron. The dish consists of nothing but almond milk, granulated sugar, egg whites, and icing sugar. But of course, baking it is not easy as it sounds. You need much practice before you start making perfect French macarons. Usually, the macarons have two versions: the French version and the Italian version. The classic version that is preferred in America is the French version of macarons. In this recipe, the egg whites are whipped to reach a proper consistency, and then finely ground almond flour is mixed with granulated sugar to make a consistent batter.

Foolproof French Macaron Made Easy
Foolproof French Macaron Made Easy

Consistency and patience is the key to success for every baking endeavor. You should never hesitate to invest in the best tools and equipment for your kitchen. Keep on improving your skills with each experiment and never let disappointment overpower your will to make foolproof French macarons. Happy baking!