Important Ingredients In Baking

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Are you aware of the important ingredients in baking? Or about the dissimilarity of baking powder as well as baking soda? Do you know the purpose of using an egg white in place of egg yolk?

If no, then it is time to understand your baking ingredients and how they make your delicacies delicious and sweet.

Important Ingredients In Baking & Their Function
Important Ingredients In Baking And Their Function

Important Ingredients In Baking: Butter

Since butter is a solid fat, it is considered a suitable ingredient for baking. It not only adds flavor to your baked goodies but also adds moisture and helps in leavening. The melting point of butter is below average body temperature. It is the reason why many baked goods and cookies melt the moment you place them in your mouth.

Baking Powder

Baking powder works as a leavening agent causing the baking mix to rise. It is made from the cream of starch and tartar. Baking powder comes with an in-built acidic ingredient which makes it easier for the users to make their dishes. The users do not need to add any other element for creating well-baked delicacies.

Nevertheless, excessive of this ingredient can result in a bitter taste while too little of it can make a cake tight and less puffy.

Important Ingredients In Baking: Eggs

Eggs have an essential role to play in baking. They work as leavening agents and binders at the same time. It means they not only add volume to cakes and other baked goods but also keep the finished dish together.

Whole eggs are used for thickening, binding, glazing, and flavorings. However, egg yolks and egg whites can be used as separate ingredients for varied recipes. Egg yolks help with the flavor and texture of a baked dish while egg whites serve as drying agents. They add stability and moisture to dishes.

Baking Soda

It is also known as sodium bicarbonate. For preparing baked dishes,  pair it with an acidic ingredient such as yogurt, honey, or chocolate. Just the same as baking powder, baking soda helps in leavening. Using it excessively can result in a coarse and soapy cake.


Cornstarch has varied functions in baking depending on the dish you select. It generally works as a binder or a thickener. However, it can even act an as anti-caking ingredient. You can use it in gluten-free dishes in place of flour for thickening custards and sauces. You can also use cornstarch in cake fillings.


It is hard to imagine a baked dish without using milk as an ingredient. Milk comes packed with protein that adds flavor, color, and moisture to all baked goods. Speaking of function, it is a double-whammy. It offers structure and strength to batter or dough while adding moisture, tenderness, and flavor at the same time.

Important Ingredients In Baking & Their Function
Important Ingredients In Baking And Their Function

Important Ingredients In Baking: Flour

This essential baking ingredient helps by holding all the other ingredients together. Different varieties of flour come with varying levels of protein. This protein content is suited to different baked dishes.


It is nothing but solid fat derived from vegetable oils. Using shortening in place of butter can result in a more tender and softer product.

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