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How To Ship Your Delicious Baked Goods

How To Ship Your Delicious Baked Goods

One of the best gifts for the holiday season is a box of homemade baked goods. However, it can be difficult for your cookies, cakes, etc. to arrive in proper condition. The spread of crumbs in the gift box while receiving can ruin your hard work. There are some ways that you can use to ship them correctly. In this article, we explain the methods for sending your delicious baked goods in perfect condition. Therefore, you must not miss reading this helpful article till the last.

How To Ship Your Delicious Baked Goods
How To Ship Your Delicious Baked Goods

Cookies: Delicious Baked Goods

You must consider the ones having dry consistency, including meringues, biscotti, etc. Furthermore, skip using nuts in cooking. It is because the natural fat present in them can cause spoilage. Avoid the cookies like brandy snaps, tuile as they can break in the way. Select the ones that are crispier from the edge and moist in the center. You can gift the iced cookies or chocolate chip.

Take zip-top plastic bags and pack the dry cookies in it. Moreover, pack strongly flavored ingredients; otherwise, it can end up the taste.

Bread And Cakes

The ones who prefer to gift loaf cakes or bread must need proper packaging. Make sure that the transit time must not exceed three days. You can soak them in bourbon or any other spirit to extend their shipping life. The packing material must ensure the proper cooling of the cake. Before packing, keep everything cool to room temperature.

We recommend using two-ply plastic wrap. It will prevent the item from slipping around. After wrapping, place it inside a zip-top bag or gallon size.

How To Ship Your Delicious Baked Goods
How To Ship Your Delicious Baked Goods

Jams And Sauces

First of all, you need to process jams or salsas in a pressure cooker or canner. They can last for a long time if appropriately packed. Use the padding to surround the glass jars. Wrap the glass jars containing fresh jams using bubble wrap. You can then cover them with dish towels or themed clothes for giving a festive touch.

Brownies And Bar Cookies

Consider the edge to edge moist bar cookies for shipping. For best results, avoid the frosted bars and go for the unfrosted ones. Stack them in the layers.  Place them in such a way of having parchment squares in the middle of the bar. Wrap that snack using the plastic wrap. You can place them in a food-safe tin box having a holiday theme for a festive touch.

How To Ship Delicious Baked Food Gifts For The Holidays

Select any sturdy box after you have packed your baked items. For best results, choose the one having two to three inches available that can shield the food item. Place the fragile eatables in the middle. Use any shock-absorbing material to fill the vacant space. You can use crumpled newspaper, bubble wrap, air-popped popcorn, etc. Pack in such a way that you don’t feel anything shifting around in the box while shaking.

Use packing tape to cover the edges, top, and bottom of the box. It will not allow anything to slide out from it. Moreover, it also prevents the out materials from getting in. You can use a fun label to make your gift more attractive.

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