Feel The Taste Of Home Recipes And Enjoy It With Your Family

taste of home recipes

Food is not only a source of happiness for everyone but also an emotion. Delicious cuisine can light up our mood, make us feel energetic, and whatnot. Our mothers have to spend most of the time preparing food for the entire family in the kitchen. Every time, it is not possible to have your lunch or dinner in an expensive restaurant, or even if it is, nothing can beat home recipes. You can try the recipes at home and satisfy your cravings. The taste of home recipes will not only provide satisfaction but also acts as a source of refreshment. To get the taste of home recipes, you must try the listed items:

● Shrimp Scampi

Home Recipes

Shrimp Scampi is one of the delicious recipes that are super easy to cook. Shrimp itself is a tasty dish, and when cooked with other various ingredients, the taste of home recipes even gets more mouth-watering. To prepare this recipe, you need ingredients such as:

● Shrimp

● Salt and pepper

● Olive oil

● Onion

● Garlic

● White wine

● Lemon juice


Mix the shrimp with pepper and a pinch of salt. Add olive oil to a cooking pan and heat it. Pour the drizzled shrimp on it and fry until it becomes pink. Remove the fried shrimp from the pan. Add onions to the dish and saute for 3 minutes until it turns brown, and adds garlic to it later. Pour white wine and lemon juice and mix well. Add the fried shrimp to it and ensure that the shrimps absorb the mixture. You can get the taste of home recipes when tried with rice and some wine.

● Ricotta And Green Beans

Home Recipes

It is a delicious and nutritious recipe that you can enjoy with your friends and family. You can get the restaurant feel in your home. To prepare this dish, you need various ingredients that are listed below:

● pasta

● olive oil

● ricotta cheese

● garlic

● green beans

● salt

● tomatoes

● pasta broth


In a saucepan, cook the pasta. Pour salt into it and a teaspoon of olive oil to prevent the strands from sticking to each other. Then toss the pasta lightly with ricotta cheese. Keep it aside. Then fry the green beans and garlic in olive oil. Pour one cup pasta broth and cook on a medium flame. Toss the pasta again. When beans are fully cooked, mix the tomatoes with them. Cook it until the pasta absorbs all the flavor. Your dish is ready; you can garnish it with lemon slices on top.


These are the various delicacies that you can make so that your taste buds can get the taste of home recipes. From now on you don’t have to go to a restaurant for dining. The recipes provided in this article are not only easy to cook but also nutritious and tasty.

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