Common Baking Mistake

Common Baking Mistake You Might Be Making

Baking is an art. Every form of art needs perfection and so does baking. Perfection comes to those who avoid common baking mistake. Everything seems to be perfect till the day when your baked cake comes out looking like a spare tire. A loaf of bread seems like a brick when it comes out of the oven. All of you must have been there. This is because of the common baking mistakes that you make. These mistakes stand between you and the best cake of your life. Here are some baking mistakes and some simple solutions to them:

Few Common Baking Mistake

  • You tend to have an incomplete idea about the recipe because you don’t read the recipe all the way through before you start cooking. A detailed reading must help in achieving the desired results.
  • Scooping flour straight out of the bag with a cup is one of the most common mistakes bakers make. To get an accurate measurement, accumulate the ingredients in a cup with a spoon and level it off with the back of a knife.
  • Do not forget to set the timer. You must take care of it because burnt cookies don’t taste good.
  • Always grease your pans properly so that the cake doesn’t get stuck in the pan. Flour and butter pans are the best.
  • Sifting the ingredients is one mistake that the best of bakers avoid. Cocoa powder and powdered sugar must be sifted to avoid the lump.
  • Who doesn’t want to have their cookies as soon as possible? But the frequent opening of the oven results in decreasing temperature as the hot air flows out.
  • Not lining the pan with parchment paper can cause serious trouble. The lining helps in attaining the desired texture of the baked product.
  • A pinch of salt adds perfection to the cake. You should never forget to add it. It enhances the flavor and adds distinct sweetness to the cake.
  • You do not preheat your oven before baking. This is a very common baking mistake. You must heat the oven at the right temperature before baking

Cake Server Stainless Steel

Cake Server Stainless Steel

Baking involves a lot of beauty in it. The cake must look attractive. After avoiding the common mistakes, one can use the above-mentioned product to make the entire process of baking more convenient. It is one of the most efficient cooking accessories. Apart from using it for cakes, you can also use it for pies and other desserts. It often serves as a cake slicer. Moreover, it adds beauty to your kitchen. If you are a wedding cake server, this product is a boon. You can have either a gold or silver one to make it look classic. The couple would surely acknowledge this effort and recommend you to their friends. You can use this product as a house warming gift as well.

This can help your friend serve the guests with cakes and pies in a neat way.


  • Made of durable stainless steel.
  • Light and durable
  • Safe for children
  • Available in metallic colors
  • Multi-utility knife
  • Cake server as well as a slicer.

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