Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe – Nana’s Toll House Cookies

toll house cookie recipe

The Toll House Cookie, made by the Hershey Chocolate Company, is a light, airy, square chocolate chip cookie that has become a favorite local snack. It’s usually drizzled with rich chocolate or hazelnut frosting and adorned with semi-large chocolate shavings. They’re large enough that a square of this cookie makes a big bite-size snack – big enough to share with a friend, family member, or co-worker! And best of all, it’s easy to make!

So how did the Toll House Cookie come to be? It’s believed to have been created in Hershey, Pennsylvania around 1900. A local baker was asked to make some specialty cookies for an upcoming social event – a potluck. He was asked to make only a few, so he made a batch of his best cookies with a very basic recipe, and these were given out to the guests as souvenirs. The next time they were invited to a potluck, they asked how their potluck cookies could be better.

An Overview

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Since these were good but plain cookies, they were only served once at the potluck and then melted and eaten as the guests left. When he tried to make a batch with a regular recipe, he found that the process took quite a long time. He didn’t want to wait too long, so he created a longer, easier recipe just for these two cups of cookies. He put in a long list of items that he wanted to use: butter, sugar, eggs, milk, and walnuts. He also baked the cookies in an airtight container.

Today, this cookie mix is still considered one of the best chocolate chip cookies on the market. The ingredients are still the same, but they have been reduced in fat and sugar. The long list of items has been replaced by items such as pecans, almonds, and sunflower seeds. He also used unsweetened natural vanilla almond extract, brown sugar, and low calorie chocolate chips.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

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This recipe became even more popular when a cookbook was published in 2021 by the same person. In this book was a Massachusetts favorite recipe called Nana’s Famous cookies. In this recipe, she substitutes peanut butter instead of butter and adds raisins. She also uses semi-sweet chocolate chips and adds a little rum. The recipe calls for finely chopped semi-sweet and dark chocolate chips.

The new version Nana’s famous cookie bars are made from high quality ingredients and does not contain artificial preservatives or unhealthy ingredients. They also do not contain hydrogenated oil. There are twenty-one flavors to choose from and are all homemade. One of the most popular flavors is called Golden Oreo and it has a smooth and creamy texture. It is made with real vanilla beans and no added sugar. Each of the flavors is paired with a different spice, such as cinnamon or nutmeg.

Many people are impressed by how popular the Nana’s Massachusetts favorite cookie bars have become. They have taken their popularity from the children of the masses and made them available for the whole family. Children love to eat these cookies and have even incorporated them into birthday parties and gatherings. When a Massachusetts household has a gathering, the parents will often ask for some homemade cookies to take home. People have also taken to massaging these chocolate chip cookie bars after a meal to give them that satisfying feeling.

Bottom Line

The great news is that you can make these popular cookies right in your own kitchen using ingredients that are available in most stores. Once you have the basic recipe that you like to bake, then you will want to add your own special touch to each of the cookies that you have made using the Nana’s chocolate chip cookie recipe. This means that you have a wide array of choices when it comes to the flavorings that you use, the type of cookie dough that you use, and the types of ovens that you use to bake them in.

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