The Crunchy Bakery-Style Bread Secret

Bakers’ Secret For Making Crunchy Bakery-Style Bread

Crusty and crunchy bakery-style bread is the idea of heaven. But there are very few who know the secret to achieving this heaven while baking bread at home. And to your dismay, these few people are known as bakers. Only these people are experts in making crispy bread, and hence, they are termed as Artisan. 

But don’t worry! The secret of crispy bread making is out in the market, and many have learned to cook their bakery-style bread at home. 

Bakers’ Secret For Making Crunchy Bakery-Style Bread
Bakers’ Secret For Making Crunchy Bakery-Style Bread

If you wish to get introduced with bakers’ secret of heavenly crunchy bread, then stay tuned. 

3 Bakers’ Secret To Bake Perfect Crunchy Bakery-Style Bread

Imagine a freshly baked bread with the thick crust to savor during the dinner time! Are you drooling, aren’t you? Well, it’s all possible at home. All you have to do is bake the loaf with steam. There are three different methods of the baking loaf with steam to get a perfectly crispy crust. 

Why Is Steam Important For Crust?

Before you start with three methods of steam baking, here is why steam is crucial for a crispy crust. Steam, as used while baking, keeps the outer crust moist while inside of the bread is baking. When you don’t bake with steam, the upper crust and the inner crumb will cook quickly and make the bread dense. 

Some other benefits are;

  • It retains the color of the crust. 
  • It gives lovely crunch and dark brown texture. 
  • It makes loaf light and airy.

Steam Baking Methods For Crunchy Bakery-Style Bread

1. Dutch Oven Baking Method

Dutch Oven method is a most-sought-after the secret of getting bakers’ style bread with a crunchy crust. It tends to capture the evaporated water from the dough inside the oven and moisten the surface. 

How to bake with Dutch Oven?

  • Preheat the oven with a Dutch oven placed inside it. Once the oven is preheated, add the worked loaf and secure the lid. 
  • Bake for the time described in the recipe and get crunchy and airy bread. 

2.Spray Bottle Baking Method

If you don’t have Dutch Oven in your inventory, then there is no need to be sad. The spray bottle baking method is just for you. In this method, you don’t need a Dutch Oven, but a spray bottle filled with water. This method might include the opening and closing of the oven between the baking. 

Bakers’ Secret For Making Crunchy Bakery-Style Bread
BakersBakers’ Secret For Making Crunchy Bakery-Style Bread’ Secret Revealed For Making Crunchy Bakery-Style Bread

How to bake with the spray bottle method?

  • Preheat your oven 25 degrees more than the temperature called for the recipe. 
  • Once the oven is preheated, take the spray bottle and spray the walls of the oven. 
  • Close the door and heat for 30 seconds and repeat the same method. 
  • After the second repetition, lower the temperature by 25 degrees, place your worked dough, and close the door. 
  • Bake the dough for some time and again, spray the walls of the oven and bake until bread bakes. 

Getting crusty and bakers’ style bread is everyone’s dream. By following the methods explained in this article, you can surprise your family with your culinary expertise. 

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