10 Simple Cake Decorating Tips To Try

10 Simple Cake Decoration Tips For Making Your Cake Decorating Skill Better

I always had a deep passion for food. Some years back realized, “I want to do cake decorating.” For me cake decorating skills did not come easily. Finally, to better the decorative skills I am taking classes of cake decoration. I am pumped to announce that I am getting better.

One thing I realized is that it is about understanding the basics. So let me share some tips that I have learned in those cake decorating classes.

1. Make Personalized Icing

Making my own icing was for me the most challenging part, but my classes made me nail it. Get past your pride and go ahead to make your personalized icing. Learn from recipes online.

2. Level Your Cake

Before you start decorating your cake, you need to do a crumb coating. Of course, you don’t want your final masterpiece has any stress of crumb coat. Don’t you?
Use cake leveler. It will save you in your quest for cake making and decorating. You can also use a bread knife to smooth out the cake before coating the crumbs with the first layer.

3. Parchment Paper And Piping Gel Is Your Friend

The piping gel helps you to shift a picture of your choice on your cake. Take one parchment paper. Put it over the image. Now make an outline with piping gel over the paper with a number three or four icing tip. Then flip the paper on your cake lightly and use a brush to transfer it on the cake.

4. Turntables Are Love

A turntable is our biggest savior. From just crumb coating to decorating, turntables are a great asset for your cake decorating kit. It also helps at the time of smoothing the icing and makes your work neat.

5. Smooth Out The Icing

First, to smooth out the icing using a small spatula and let it sit for some time. Once set, you can smooth the icing properly. Use icing smoother. It will smooth out the icing easily.

10 Simple Cake Decoration Tips For Making Your Cake Decorating Skill Better
10 Simple Cake Decoration Tips For Making Your Cake Decorating Skill Better

6. Is The Icing Stiff Enough?

It is my biggest struggle. Sometimes my icing is not stiff enough to use for decorating. If the icing is not stiff as it is required you can’t use it anyway as nothing will stick and will make the decoration a disaster. So, the best advice is to store tons and tons of powdered sugar; a tip I learned from my cake decoration classes.

7. Practice To Make Your Best

You can never practice enough. Do as much practice you can to better your decorating skill with the use of icing. Practising on the real cake is better. You can, however, practice with cake boards and icing bags.

8. Get Yourself Impression Mats

I suppose that you can make a smooth finished buttercream. Add impression mat to do design on your cake in less time for you. What pattern do you want to have? There are ranges of impression mats in the market waiting for you to grab.
Take the mat on smooth buttercream. Press it gently on your cake where you want.

9. Spend A Little Money, Don’t Be Afraid

When I started decorating cakes, I didn’t spend money at all, just purchased tip set and a few icing bags. But to be a good cake decorator, you need some products to assist you. Do little investment in these products, and you are set to improve in no time.
The basic requirements are:
i) Basic decorating tips set
ii) Pastry bag
iii) Food coloring
iv) Set of spatulas
v) Turntable stand
vi) Different cutters and motives

10. Final Tip: Have Lots of Fun

When I started to follow my passion for cake decorating, I was not good at it. I didn’t invest much time and effort to it, which I should have. My idleness frustrated me. Now as I go for classes, it boosted my confidence and excites me every day. Enjoy the process of learning and making. Unleash your creative self.

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